Going naked was a bare necessity

CAROLYN Mills wore nothing but a smile as she sat down at the table to tuck into breakfast alongside complete strangers.
However, the 25-year-old TV director reckoned if that's what it takes to make a documentary these days, then so be it.

Carolyn is the director of a new Scottish Television documentary, Wearing The One-buttoned Suit, which looks at the growth of naturism in Scotland.
One button suit Video However, all of the nature groups were naturally suspicious of her intent - and insisted that Carolyn join them.

"As I went round the different groups in Scotland I really had to win their trust," said first-time film-maker Carolyn from Kirklees in Glasgow.

"So I got my kit off and joined in, whether it was eating breakfast with them or playing volleyball.
"I suppose it felt surreal and a little bit forced, since it's a thing I've never done in my life before, but I really had to show that I was up for it."

Carolyn's film was a determined effort not to laugh at the naturists' expense.
"I really wanted to understand why there are naturist groups in Scotland," she said.
"I wondered who would want to take their clothes off in this country, with the cold weather, the midges and the prudish attitudes.

"I quickly learned that naturism is not a haven for voyeurs and there are sets of unwritten rules naturists adhere to.

"For example, they do their best to maintain eye contact at all times and if there are couples present they make sure there is no sexual contact whatsoever."
Carolyn was also surprised to discover naturism covers the widest possible social groupings.

"There was everyone there from consultant doctors to bin men. Interestingly, a lot of caring professions were represented, such as nurses. I think the naturists had a common feeling that nudity brought equality.
"But I have to say I found a lot of people, teachers for example, who were worried about going on camera because they feared they would be sacked from their jobs.

"It seems they think people assume a connection with naturism and some odd sexual predilection."
Carolyn's friends, family and boyfriend were all supportive of her decision to boldly go where few - if any - female directors have gone before.

Carolyn is in fact now something of a convert to naturism.
"These days young people are often obsessive about their appearance.

"Being naked with others certainly helped me to accept my body more."

• Wearing The One-buttoned Suit, Thursday 6th November at 11pm on STV “This Scotland Series”.